PM should investigate Pramod Sawant’s Rs 1000 crore scams: Alka Lamba



AICC Mahila Congress President Alka Lamba on Tuesday dared BJP leadership to investigate several scams of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to the tune of Rs 1000 crore by CBI or ED.

Lamba on Tuesday addressed a press conference in Congress House and said that BJP’s fake promises have got exposed and NDA will not cross 180 seats.

GPCC Media Chairman Amarnath Panjikar, Mahila President Beena Naik, Dr. Pramod Salgaonkar Vice president and AICC Media incharge Harshad Sharma were present.

“Pramod Sawant is the most Corrupt Chief Minister in our country with several scams to the tune of Rs 1000 crore. He has not done ‘Master plan’ public, but his capitalist friends are aware of it. Rate of road construction here is Rs 25 crore per Kilometer. Such a corruption he is doing,” she said.

Lamba said that the unemployment rate in Goa is the highest compared to the national average.

“In Goa PWD jobs are sold for Rs 30 to 40 lakhs. He has given jobs only in his constituency. When will PM Modi start CBI and ED investigation on these allegations,” she questioned. 
Expressing confidence that BJP will not be allowed to change the constitution of India drafted by Babasaheb Ambedkar to replace it with RSS’s constitution, Alka Lamba on Tuesday said that ‘anti defection law’ will be made stronger to save democracy.
“BJP is trying to replace the Indian constitution  with RSS. It is trying to snatch the rights and freedom of people. We will not allow this to happen. Babasaheb’s constitution doesn’t discriminate against poor and rich, women and men, any religion or caste. But RSS discriminates and its constitution spews venom. Hence we will not allow BJP to replace the Indian constitution with RSS’s constitution,” Lamba said. 
She said that democracy, unity and our constitution is in danger under the Modi government.
Speaking about the anti-defection law, Alka Lamba said that Narendra Modi has weakened this law to usurp power.
“Once we form the government we will make Anti defection law very strong by cancelling membership of elected representatives who switch. In Goa BJP is encouraging defections. Why Modi is against making anti defection law strong,” she questioned. 

She said that crimes against women have increased in the country. “Wherever there are double engine governments, womens are not safe. Crimes against them are taking place. This should be stopped,” she said. 

Citing examples Brij Bhushan Singh,  Sandeep Singh Saini, Kuldeep Singh Sengar and others who are charged with sexual harassment cases,  she said that Modi and double engine governments are giving haven to criminals.

She said that Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna, the grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, is involvedin sexual harassment and has fled to Germany after SIT has been formed.

“There are around 1000 women, who are sexually harassed by Prajwal Revanna and his videos are in public. Why is the Modi government and his team not speaking about these cases? Why are they providing haven to such criminals,” she questioned.

She said in Goa also Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is mum on Siddhi Naik murder case. “What is he trying to hide,” she questioned. 

“During Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi met people from all sections of society and with their suggestions the manifesto was drafted. We will give Nyay to people once we form a government,” She said.

“Modi is trying to create rift in India’s  unity. He failed to visit Manipur and control the violence. It doesn’t suit Modi to say that Congress will give  Mangalsutras of Hindus to Muslims. It is irony that even the election commission is not taking any action on this,” she said.

She said that the farmer’s income didn’t double, but the loan has doubled. “We will waive off loans of farmers and make farming areas GST free,” she said.

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