30 Lakh Government Jobs & 5K Crores Start Up Fund for Youth : Altone D’costa


Margao  :
Yuva Nyay, a comprehensive initiative, stands as a beacon of hope for the Youth of India, promising to address crucial issues plaguing their aspirations and livelihoods. Congress Manifesto will give a new hope to Youths, said Quepem MLA & South Goa Election Coordinator Altone D’Costa.

With an ambitious plan to generate 30 lakh new Central Government jobs, Yuva Nyay not only tackles unemployment but also instills confidence among the Youth regarding their employment prospects. The promise of a structured calendar for these recruitments brings transparency and accessibility to the process, fostering trust in the Congress Party’s commitment to providing opportunities, claimed Altone D’Costa.

Recognizing the importance of practical experience, Congress Party will introduce a groundbreaking scheme offering one-year apprenticeships to all educated Youth. At one lakh per year, this initiative will not only provide financial support but also equip young individuals with valuable skills and exposure crucial for their professional development, said Altone D’Costa.

Paper leaks have long been a hindrance to fair and merit-based selection processes. Congress Party has taken a decisive step towards eradicating this issue by enacting a stringent law to completely eliminate paper leaks. This ensures the integrity of examinations, fostering a level playing field for all aspirants, Altone D’Costa said.

The rise of the gig economy has brought about new challenges, particularly concerning the welfare of gig workers. Yuva Nyay of Congress acknowledges this reality and pledges to improve working conditions and provide social security measures for gig workers. This not only safeguards their rights but also ensures their economic stability and well-being, stated Altone D’Costa.

Empowering the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, Congress will allocate a substantial 5 thousand crore start-up fund. This fund will serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth, enabling young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and contribute to India’s economic progress, said Altone D’Costa.

Our manifesto embodies the Congress Party’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of India’s youth, ensuring their meaningful participation in the nation’s development journey. Through its multifaceted approach, it seeks to create a conducive environment where every young Indian can thrive and succeed, said Altone D’Costa.

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