Margao :

When Cashew Farmers are suffering, BJP is Celebrating. BJP Government failed to provide them with ₹175 per kg Support Price but Goa Forest Development Corporation will spend Crores on Cashew Fest Event showcasing Non-Goan Artists. Insensitivity of BJP stands exposed once again. Lets defeat BJP, charged Quepem MLA Altone D’Costa.

Reacting to the Cashew Fest 2024 organised by BJP Government from 10th to 12th May 2024 at Panaji, Altone D’Costa slammed BJP for its insensitivity towards Cashew Farmers.

Government has no money to pay Support Price to Cashew Farmers but will spend Crores on the Events. It is further shocking to see Non-Goan Artists being invited to perform in the three day festival, Altone D’Costa said.

Obsession of Events has gone to the head of BJP. They were just waiting for Loksabha Elections to take place in Goa. Events has become Fortune Making Machine for BJP, Altone D’Costa said.

I appeal to the Cashew as well as Coconut, Sugarcane and other Farmers to remember the hardships and sufferings imposed upon them by the anti-farmers BJP Government. Time has come to repay them with a humiliating defeat in the Loksabha Elections on both Seats, said Altone D’Costa.

Few days back they floated a rumour that Support Price will be incrased. When i demanded that it should be ₹175 per kg, they went on a back foot, pointed Altone D’Costa.

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