Panaji :

Goa is waiting for Home Minister Amit Shah to repeat in his speech the same words what he spoke in Karnataka few months back. Let him once again confirm to Goans that BJP compromised Interest of Goa to get political mileage in Karnataka, demanded Congress Party by releasing a Video of Amit Shah’s speech stating that Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi did not allow Karnataka to divert water from Mhadei.

Goans are eagerly waiting for Home Minister Amit Shah to give status report on Investigation of Seizure of 100 Kgs of highly harmful Ketamine Drug seized in Goa from the Factory owned by BJP Office Bearer in 2018, was the second salvo fired by Congress using all its Social Media Handles.

Most insensitive & inhuman BJP failed to investigate mysterious death of Goan Girl Siddhi Naik in last 3 years. Goans want Home Minister Amit Shah to explain why CBI or Central Investigating Agencies did not take over the case & give justice to her Family. This is the ugly face of Beti Bachav of BJP, was the third post of Congress Party.

It may be recalled that Congress President Amit Patkar had raised six issues including Destruction of Environment, Coal Hub, Unemployment, Central Grants, Inflation, Mhadei during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week.

Congress has gone on an attacking mode against BJP raising issues of Corruption, Crimes, Economic Slowdown, Fiscal Mismangement and others. Goa Congress 21 Points Manifesto also promises Goans to Protect Identity of Goa.

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