‘Supreme Court prevents Goa Govt’s housekeeping scam of Rs 100 crore’



Congress Senior leader Girish Chodankar has thanked Hon’ble Supreme Court for rejecting State governments plea challenging Hon’ble Bombay High Court’s order directing Directorate of Health Services and State Government to reconsider the technical bid of housekeeping tender of Health Department of Mahalasa Services, thus preventing another scam of Rs. 100  crores.

Hon’ble SC today was shocked to know that a state Government is challenging order of HC to create loss of over 100 Cr while disposing the petition of the state Government.

Chodankar said normally state Governments go on appeal to save the state exchequers money but Goa Government does exactly the opposite despite having financial constrains. Chodankar recalled the tender of ‘Housekeeping’  which was awarded to one firm  which had quoted Rs 104.8 crore, by disqualifying BJP’s own Karyakarta Pradeep Shet from race, who had quoted mere Rs 47.03 crore through his firm Mahalsa Services.

Chodankar said that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant should feel ashamed for trying to do corruption even on Housekeeping of health department.

“The government challenged the High Courts direction, who had asked to reconsider lowest quotation,  in Supreme Court to fulfil agenda of their corruption. But I am thankful to SC for stopping the government from doing corruption of Rs 108 crore,” Chodankar said.

“Supreme Court asked Goa government why it is not considering lower bidder and save public money. With this incident it has become clear that BJP is involved in corrupt practices,” he said.

It is an alarming call for all BJP karaykartas that they have to approach first the HC and then the SC against it’s own Government to get justice.

“Shet’s bid was deliberately rejected on filthy ground of not having work experience of Rs 10 crore job. His financial bid was not even opened over this matter to purposely keep him away from the tendering process. This is only to get 70% commission,” Chodankar said.

“Though High court had given direction to reconsider his technical bid and open his financial bid, Goa government challenged it in Supreme Court. But judges of SC questioned government why they want to make loss to state exchequer by giving tender to one who have quoted exorbitant,” Chodankar said, adding SC has rejected Goa Governments plea.

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  1. How will public comments restrain or stop such crooked practices stop. It’s a shame that never has been a party like BJP so corrupt.

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