‘God has given ‘Prasad’ of congress victory to Sudin Dhavalikar’


Ponda :

I am sure God has given “Prasad” to Power Minister Ramkrishna alias Sudin Dhavlikar with clear direction that Congress nominated INDIA Candidates are winning both seats in Goa, said Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao.

Reacting to the statement made Sudin Dhavlikar that all three Congress MLAs will join some other party after Loksabha Election, Yuri Alemao said that Sudin Dhavlikar should pay attention to his own MLA.

Congress Party has given a promise to Citizens to amend Tenth Schedule of Constitution to make Anti-Defection Law more stronger. Sudin Dhavlikar has always remained vocal on Defections. There is nothing in BJP Manifesto on Defections. He should break alliance with BJP and support INDIA on this important issue, stated Yuri Alemao.

All three Congress MLAs are united and we will continue to remain loyal to Congress. We have won the Trust of Goans and we will not betray them, Yuri Alemao said.

Power Minister Sudin Dhavlikar should find out whether his own MGP MLA is with him or sitting on the lap of BJP.  He should not bother about us. We are comfortable where we are and will comtinue to perform as Congress Candidates, stated Yuri Alemao.

I am aware that Sudin Dhavlikar has special knowledge on “Power Points”. He gets a signal in advance on which side  the power will be. He has realised the Modi Era is over and curtains will come down on BJP rule. He is feeling insecured as his Ministry is in danger, Yuri Alemao said.

I am sure once INDIA Government is formed in Delhi in June, Sudin Dhavlikar will be on our side. He is now preparing himself for the shift, claimed Yuri Alemao.

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