Filmmaker Vinod Ganatra Honoured with Nelson Mandela Lifetime Achievement Award

Vinod Ganatra

Eminent children’s filmmaker Vinod Ganatra has become the first Indian to be conferred with South Africa’s prestigious ‘Nelson Mandela Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his outstanding contribution to children’s cinema. The award was presented to him at the 7th Nelson Mandela Children’s Film Festival.

Vinod Ganatra: A Trailblazer in Children’s Films

  • Globally renowned filmmaker and editor from Gujarat, based in Mumbai
  • Edited and directed about 400 documentaries and newsreels
  • Produced 25 multilingual television programs for children and youth
  • His first TV program, ‘Baingan Raja,’ won the ‘Janakinath Gaur Award’ from Doordarshan
  • His Gujarati film ‘Harun Arun,’ made on the India-Pakistan border, received the ‘Liv Ullmann Peace Prize’ at the 26th Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
  • The only Indian to have won the prestigious ‘Liv Ullmann Peace Prize’
  • Recipient of 36 national and international awards
  • Awarded the ‘Dadasheb Phalke Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the Association of Film and Video Editors
  • Served as a jury member for over 100 national, regional, and international film festivals worldwide

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