‘Double Engine’ failed in education, employment, unemployment dole, says INDIA bloc



INDIA bloc leaders on Saturday alleged that the double engine government has failed to create employment in the state and also provide unemployment dole.

Congress Media Chairman Amarnath Panjikar along with AAP leader Ramarao Wagh and Shivsena leader (UBT) Jitesh Kamat addressed a press conference and attacked BJP over unemployment issue.

“This double engine is known as  Jumla Sarkar. It had promised to create 2 crore jobs every year. Even the Goa government had promised thousands of jobs. But both the governments have failed. However we promise to fill the 30 lakhs government jobs once INDIA bloc government is formed,” Panjikar said.

He said that before the 2012 assembly election, BJP had promised to release unemployment dole to youths, but failed to provide it for the last 12 years.

“1.38 lakh youths have registered to seek jobs in the Labour and employment department.  This itself proved that there is unemployment. Even NITI Ayog and CMIE has said that unemployment in Goa is increasing. But the government is doing nothing,” Panjikar said.

He said that BJP brought ‘Industrial Promotion Board’ promising it will create jobs. “But through this only one thousand jobs were created. But the government doesn’t provide data of it fearing they will get exposed as most of the jobs must have been given to outsiders,” he said, adding 17 thousand jobs were promised though this board.

Panajikar alleged that the government gave our land for industries, but failed to create jobs.

“Mega Job Fair was organised by spending Rs 4 crore. Around 22 thousand unemployed youths had applied, out of which only 500 got jobs,” he said.

“BJP doesn’t have vision to create jobs, it has vision only of ‘Mission Total Commission’,” he said.

Ramarao Wagh said that the government has failed to provide facilities in the educational area. “this government has stopped scholarships and has failed to provide facilities in schools,” he said, adding the BJP has decreased the budget in the educational area compared to the Congress regime.

“They have brought saffronisation in education by erasing lessons of Mahatma Gandhi assassination and bringing new chapters of saffron,” Wagh said.

Jitesh Kamat said that BJP has failed in education and also to create jobs. “BJP’s South Goa candidate Pallavi Dempo has admitted that there is unemployment in the state. This itself proves that there is unemployment in Goa,” he said.

Kamat said BJP’s policies have failed to encourage local entrepreneur and to create jobs.

INDIA bloc leaders appealed to people to think over these issues and stop BJP from hoodwinking.

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