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The waterfalls of Goa are the things of beauty and joy forever. Apart from the beaches and churches, the cascading waterfalls of Goa is the most heavenly sight to behold. For travellers of all kinds, it’s a beautiful playground of nature where you can breathe in the most serene drops of tranquillity.

No matter where you are in Goa, you must visit the cascading waterfalls, which howl like thunder over the rocks, from the hills all day and all night, unspooling and pleasing the toil-weary soul with its soothing music. Visiting the most beautiful waterfalls of Goa will make your holidays in Goa the most memorable one.

The most popular tourist places in Goa are of course its beaches, churches but known to only selected few, waterfalls of Goa hidden in the enchanting Western Ghats is also of unparalleled loveliness which will make your Goa Tour best.

Rolling, hopping, flowing and cascading waterfalls of Goa will eventually hold a special place in the chambers of your heart that you would never want to see dwindled.

Goa has a plethora of waterfalls in Goa but here is the list of only the most popular waterfalls of Goa.

  • Tambdi Surla waterfall – It is one of the most popular waterfalls to visit in Goa. Surrounded by the dense jungles and heritage temple of Tambdi surla at the bottom makes the ambiance pleasing as well as divine. You have to trek through the pristine wilderness of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls – It originates from Mandovi River and is one of the must visit waterfalls of Goa. It is known as Dudhsagar because its water is foamy and milky in texture. Lush greenery around will overpower your senses completely. You can also camp in the forest surrounding.
  • Bamanbudo Waterfall – You don’t have to trek to reach this scenic waterfall. It is located in Canacona. This less explored gem in Goa is the bird watcher’s paradise. Its scenic ambiance will give peace to the toil- weary soul and delight to the soul of nature lovers. Cabo De Rama Fort and Cola Beach are some of the best places to visit around this waterfall.
  • Sada Waterfalls – It is the best place for solitude seekers and nature lovers. Picturesque Ghats of Chorla, volcanic underground caves, hilly streams, dense forests and thrilling treks are the best highlights that will seduce your senses and awaken the poet or artist in you.
  • Kalsa Waterfall – This heavenly waterfall is located in the dense forests of Kankumbi. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in Goa. Cascading waterfalls falling from the rocks, scenic surroundings and peace of the forest, river crossing nature walks are the things of delight which is enough to calm the chaotic mind of a toil- weary soul. It is also the best place for nature photography.
  • Pali Waterfall – It is also known as Shivling waterfall. Surrounded by dense jungles in Valopi Village, it is perhaps the most beautiful waterfall of Goa. You have to trek through the picturesque Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary to please your soul and refresh your mind in the euphoric charm of Pali waterfall.

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