Pm Modi’s ‘only Use Upi Payments’ Laid To Rest By Margao Municipal Council : Michelle Rebelo


Margao :

Stunning revelations made during the Meeting of the Margao Municipal Council has brought out the bitter truth that the BJP ruled Municipality has laid to rest Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Agenda of “Only Use UPI Payments”. It appears that the links of 17.44 lakhs Financial Fraud are connected from top to bottom. I demand that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who speaks of Empowerment of Local Self Bodies should take cognizance of this fraud and ask for report, demanded Congress Leader & Zilla Panchayat Member Michelle Rebelo.

I am shocked that the Chairperson of Margao Municipal Council Damodar Shirodkar and the Chief Officer Gaurish Shankhwalkar tried to pass the blame on others. They had no answers on why Official Police Complaint was not launched even after two weeks since the fraud took place, stated Michelle Rebelo.

There were events organised by the BJP Government to blow the trumpet of India getting converted into Cashless Transactions and opting for Digital Mode of Payments. Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant must explain how the Municipalities are allowed to accept Cash Payments to the tune of multiple lakhs, said Michelle Rebelo.

Few months back, there was a fraud reported in Excise Department. Government did not take any lessons from the same which has resulted in another scam in Margao Municipality. This can happen in any Municipality or Panchayat or any other Government Department. The very idea of collecting cash from the Vendors at the Fair Venue which is always crowded can create security concerns for the staff collecting the amount. Above all, I am told that the cash was brought to the Municipality without any Security Personnel accompanying the Municipal Staff carrying cash, pointed Michelle Rebelo.

I suspect involvement of some Senior Politicians as well as Senior Staff of Margao Municipal Council in the Financial Scam. The conspicuous silence of the MLA on this issue also raises questions. Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant has also maintained silence for the reasons best known to him. We need explanation from the Government, said Michelle Rebelo.

Government must conduct a High Level Inquiry in a time bound manner and take stringent action against those involved in the fraud. Government should also put complete ban on collection of cash payments and instead shift to Digital Mode of Payments, demanded Michelle Rebelo.

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