PM Modi should officially announce in Goa that ‘Kala Dhan’ is with the BJP : Amit Patkar


Margao :

Khaunga aur BJP waloko Khaane Dunga! This seizure is proof of Black Money is in Circulation in  Brhashta Jumla Party. Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi act against this Corrupt Karnataka BJP Loksabha  Candidate caught with ₹4.8 Crores Cash? It is loud & clear Kala Dhan is with BJP, charged Congress President Amit Patkar.

Reacting to the Social Media post of Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka stating that Flying Squad Team seized 4.8 crores from K Sudhakar, BJP Candidate, Goa Congress President Amit Patkar said that All the Black Money is with BJP.

One after the other, incidents across the Country are exposing Corrupt Regime of BJP. Time has come to kill the Corruption Virus and I appeal to Goans to teach BJP a permanent lesson, stated Amit Patkar.

I dare Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak on this huge seizure of Cash tomorrow at his Rally on the Communidade Scam Land at Snacoale. His meeting venue itself exposes that his strings are with the Crony Capitalists, said Amit Patkar.

He had claimed that Black Money will be wiped out after Demonetisation.  How come BJP Candidates have so much cash in their storage? PM Modi cheated Poor People of India and all of them will teach him a lesson, said Amit Patkar.

Let us see what PM Modi speaks tomorrow. It is certain that despite BJP holding Meetings of Prime Minister and Home Minister in Goa, both Congress Candidates will win with huge margins, Amit Patkar said.

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