Lethargic Gspcb Will Convert Goa Into “Most Polluted State Of India” : Rajesh Verenkar

Lethargic Gspcb Will Convert Goa Into “most Polluted State Of India” – Rajesh Verenkar

Goa :
It is loud and clear that the lethargic approach of the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) has given a free hand to the Private & Public Sector Undertakings to cause maximum Environmental Damage in the State. If the corrupt BJP Government does not take immediate corrective steps, GSPCB will convert Goa into the “Most Polluted State of India”, stated Congress Leader Rajesh Verenkar.

Reacting to the recent Study Report of GSPCB which revealed that the functioning of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) were below par, Rajesh Verenkar warned that Goa will soon face Health & Environmental Crisis.

Lethargic Gspcb Will Convert Goa Into “most Polluted State Of India” – Rajesh Verenkar

Government had inaugurated the STP Plant at Ponda almost one year back. Unfortunately, the said STP Plant is still not Operational, and all the Sewage is getting discharged into the open fields, drains thus contaminating the Rivulets and Wells, stated Rajesh Verenkar.

It is shocking to note that the GSPCB Report has brought to the fore that the design of STPs in some Industries were identified as Unscientific and Under Capacity with Plants emanating a foul smell. It is also brought to light that a Madkai based Industry is having an ETP designed to treat 160 KLD of wastewater but generating 170 KLD of waste water. This additional waste enters into the wells and fields in the Village, pointed Rajesh Verenkar.

It is a matter of concern that the ETPs at the Wholesale Fish Market, Fatorda and Sewage Treatment Plant at Sirvodem are using Chlorine as Disinfectant which is ineffective in treating harmful Microorganisms. GSPCB has also failed to control Air Pollution caused by Industries in various Industrial Estates, said Rajesh Verenkar.

GSPCB has no control over the piles of Garbage stacked at various Locations across the State causing serious Health Hazard to the residents. We are facing grave crisis in Ponda due to failure of the Government in scientifically disposing the Garbage, stated Rajesh Verenkar.

Environment Minister Alexio Sequeira should take proactive steps to ensure that GSPCB performs its duty with responsibility. It is the Government’s responsibility to regulate the Polluting Industries with stringent actions, said Rajesh Verenkar.

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