“All Is Not Well” In Ravindra Bhavan, Margao : Rebelo


Margao :

Ravindra Bhavan Chairman Rajendra Talak has exposed himself by admitting that he is not starting Music, Dance & Theatre Training Classes at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao to protect the interest of the Private Institutions in which he has vested interest. He has also exposed the failure of the BJP Government in giving Grants to Cultural Institutions in the field of Art & Culture and failure of Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) in conducting Film related activities, claimed by Congress General Secretary Moreno Rebelo.

Addressing a Press Conference at South Goa District Congress Office with Congress Vice President Subhash Faldessai and  SGDCC President Savio D’Silva , Congress General Secretary Moreno Rebello condemned the statement of Rajendra Talak in which he had said that Capt. Viriato Fernandes is from Vasco and is not aware of Margao or Fatorda.

South Goa Member of Parliament Capt. Viriato Fernandes has rightly raised the issue of need of Music, Dance & Theatre Training Classes at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao as Children and Youths belonging to Economically Weaker Section can’t afford to pay the exorbitant fees charged by the Private Institutions which are patronized by People like Rajendra Talak, said Moreno Rebelo.

We demand that Rajendra Talak should place in Public Domain the Names of all the 20 Cultural Institutions and 15 Private Institutions which he claimed are undertaking Music, Dance & Theatre Training Classes in Fatorda and Margao along with the details of the Fees charged by each Institution, demanded Moreno Rebelo.

Ravindra Bhavan Chairman Rajendra Talak has also exposed that the Dance Teachers working in Kala academy are taking private classes in Margao and Fatorda. How can a Government servant take private classes? We demand that Art & Culture Minister Govind Gaude and ESG Chairman Delilah Lobo should seek clarification from Rajendra Talak on the statements made by him showing Failures of Art & Culture Department and ESG, said Moreno Rebelo.

We also want Rajendra Talak to explain to the People of Goa about the utilization of Ravindra Bhavan’s Annexe Building. We want to know why this Building has remained unutilized and for how long it will continue to remain unutilized. I want to tell Rajendra Talak that this Building was constructed to start Classes in Music, Dance & Theatre and he should start the classes immediately, said Moreno Rebelo.

I dare Rajendra Talak to make Public the Qualifications and Credentials of the Committee Members who are appointed on Ravindra Bhavan in the field of Art & Culture. I make direct allegation that 90 percent of them are workers of Godman Digamber Kamat and Fatorda defeated MLA Damu Naik, claimed Moreno Rebelo.

Rajendra Talak spoke about various Programmes organised at Ravindra Bhavan. He has money to spend on Programmes of Non-Goans but has no money to commemorate the Death Anniversary of Pai Tiatrist Juao Agostinho Fernandes. He spent just Rs. 720 on the Death Anniversary Program on 22nd August 2022 pointed Moreno Rebelo.

We are keeping a watch on all the activities of Ravindra Bhavan. We will expose all those who have vested interest and who are trying to protect Private Institutions, said Moreno Rebelo.

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