‘A Night Long Nirvana’ to be streamed on ‘Cinelyf’


Panaji :
Exciting news! Starting May 17th, you can watch Swapnil Salkar’s masterpiece movie, ‘A Night Long Nirvana’, exclusively on Cinelyf.com. Get ready for a captivating story that takes you on a journey through the bustling city of Panaji.

‘A Night Long Nirvana’ tells the stories of different people living in the city. It focuses on a writer who loves Dostoevsky’s books and a doctor going through a tough divorce. Their lives intertwine, affecting each other in unexpected ways. The movie explores a special day when strange events shake up their lives, leading to surprising outcomes.
The movie features talented actors like Bhupesh Bandekar, Nitin Bhajan, Mahadev Sawant, Mia Melzer, Ritu Janoti, and Matali Antonowich. They bring their characters to life under the direction of Swapnil Salkar.

Swapnil Salkar has written and directed this movie. It is produced by Bhupesh Bandekar and Swapnil Salkar’s production company, Om Bhu Swa Haa Haa Productions.

‘A Night Long Nirvana’ will start streaming on Cinelyf.com from May 17th. Cinelyf.com is an online platform where you can watch great independent movies from all over the world. We offer a wide range of films in different languages and genres for everyone to enjoy.

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